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Are you new to triathlon or looking to improve and gain experience in the sport? 


This is a plan to help you improve and learn about your training.


This subscription includes: 

-An Annual training plan to identify your specific yearly goals and an outline of your training over the 12 months.

-Previous training review

-3 monthly fitness testing and review.

-Personalised training program delivered each month to build towards your specific goals. 

-Bi weekly training review and analysis from your coach, looking at session outcomes as well as positives and areas 

to improve in the previous 2 weeks, with an Indepth description of your upcoming sessions and specific advice.

-Bi weekly training adjustments. 

-Event preparation support.

-Mobility support

-Discipline specific S&C support 

-Contact via WhatsApp, email, phone call and or teams (depending on preference)

-Fully Zwift compatible plan


We suggest combining a TrainingPeaks premium add-on with this package.


Currently discounted from £99pm. 

Team Triathlon Subscription

  • Payment is monthly by subscription.  We accept payment via direct debit, Paypal subcription or credit/debit card.

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