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Providing the very best in person-centred coaching.

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A Track Record of Success

Real Endurance Coaching was founded from a combination of two passions: endurance sport and education.

Our vision is to create a community of athletes who combine a desire to explore their potential with a passion for learning.  If you are someone who's interested in the questions as much as the answers and who understands that real coaching is a mix of science and art then you've found the right home.

With decades of experience of endurance sports ranging from cycling and running to triathlon and multisport we know what it takes to be a successful endurance athlete.

We've coached world champions, national champions, Hawaii Ironman qualifiers, elite cyclists and acted as consultants to race winning professional athletes.  We've helped athletes of all abilities work towards their personal goals, whether that's completing a sportive, entering their first race or winning their age group at the World Championships.

Want to know why you should choose us?

Ana Orenz 

Triple Everesting world record holder, Spanish 24hr champion and 

Max has coached me since 2021.

I threw a lot at him, from the first female triple Everest over 24h races and mixed terrain unsupported ultra races.

He was understanding and flexible so I managed to achieve all my goals and could rely on him to ensure I was in the best possible shape for the events. Especially after a life threating accident it was not an easy task to rebuild my confidence and strength on the bike, but he did the job.

Always positive and forward thinking, he makes sure I have the right plan and optimise my training next to a full time job.

I highly recommend Max´s services to ensure the correct and efficient training towards any event and for peace of mind at the start line.

He will make sure you fly to the finish !

Roger Canham, World Champion, Five Time Ironman Champion, 7x Hawaii World Championships Top 20

"I have been working with Luke for over 12 months now and would recommend him without reservation.

Luke has been critical in helping me balance maximising my results with the time I have available to train and compete. I find him very approachable and does not come with a hard-wired system, he is always ready to listen, reflect and come back with the optimal solution.

My principal criticism would be that he doesn’t tell you he has a PhD in sports science, a natural passion and curiosity to continue learning and has personally competed at the highest level for over 20 years.

Luke has a unique combination of low ego, deep technical insights and an ability to motivate and inspire."


Aelwen Davis

Multiple National Champion

On our first meeting with a Max, we were very impressed by what he had to say about the components of fitness, cycle sport and coaching. Being relatively young himself, he relates easily to our daughter and her coaching needs. He’s  always contactable, adaptable and quick to respond. He offers feedback and support which is invaluable to a young althlete. During the first 6-months working with Max, our daughter had brought home two British titles which is testament to his ability as a coach.


Trust Our Success


Luke is reliable, knowledgeable, a great motivator and a guy that totally understands athletes, and he gets results!
If that wasn’t enough, he’s also a bloody good bloke. Annoying

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Eugenia pocoroba

I worked with Max last year in spring and summer to prepare for my first ultra: the two volcano “sprint”. Ana Orenz gave me his name. After a first in-depth call in which we got to know each other, we started with some tests to tune the zones properly and from there we builded up. Great to work with a coach that listens so much, that dives into data and properly analyse it together with the feedback from the athlete. Max hit the sweet spot between being on top of each workout and giving me the room for my more-than-40hr/week demanding job. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to get into a multi-day event!



I loved my time training with Luke. He got me to love riding my bike, rather than seeing it as the thing I had to do before I got to run. The turbo sessions were hard, but always lots of variety and gave me the chance to see I was ‘getting somewhere’ and making progress.


“Luke is reliable, knowledgeable, a great motivator and a guy that totally understands athletes”

"Max listened to what I needed and using his expert knowledge and data analysis provided me with an individually tailored programme which kept me motivated, pushed my limits and used the best of my time"


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