I grew up as an accidental endurance athlete.  Born with a joy for exploring, adventuring and exercising I found mountain bike racing when it was a niche sport in the early 90's.  I combined a love of racing with a lack of talent and realised that I'd have to train smart to have any chance of progressing past the middle of the pack.

 This interest in training led to graduating top of my class on the way to gaining a first-class Sport & Exercise Science degree and then a PhD in Sports Science & Nutrition where I published a number of peer-reviewed articles on sports nutrition and endurance exercise.  I then followed my enthusiasm for education and numbers, working as an teacher specialising in A-level maths.

I now combine my two passions; education and coaching here at Real Endurance Coaching.  

As an athlete on the bike I've raced and won mountain bike races, time trials, road races and cyclocross races with my biggest achievement being crowned National Champion in the Masters category in 2015. 

Away from the bike I've raced Ironman, for GB as an age-group triathlete, completed multiple sub-2 hour olympic distance triathlons, won an ultra-running race, completed a sub 24-hour 100 mile ultra, won swimrun races, run a 2:52 marathon as well as multiple 1:16 half marathons. 

Over the past few years I've focused on swimrun races and this new sport has breathed a new lease of life into my competitive drive. 

I know how to make you faster and I can help you learn how to be faster.