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Our tailored training subscription includes a fully customised training plan, each month, which is built around your goals, regular training analysis and feedback on training peaks which will include a short breakdown of the session and the positives and areas to work on. This plan also includes flexibility in moving and changing sessions if you are unable to complete them or something comes up in your schedule. We will also work through event tactics, fuelling and nutrition to suit the demands of your event to ensure you're 100% prepared. You will also receive whatsapp, email and phone call communication (any or all whichever suits you best). Also, you will receive a free training peaks premium account.  


If you purchase 12 months coaching, use the coupon code "YearSub" to get a free month.

Tailored Triathlon Training Subscription

  • For a limited time the Tailored Training package includes FREE Training Peaks premium membership, normally £9 per month.  

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