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Goal Setting for People with Passion

Running a business doing something you love is a strange process and every day the parallels to my sporting experiences become clearer.  

The trajectory of Real Endurance Coaching mirrors my experiences of stepping up to a new and exciting goal; finding myself at a point where I've  almost accidentally developed the skills and experience to take a leap forward, a moment of consideration before a spark of excitement starts the fire.  Where can this go? What could we do? When we talk about goal setting in coaching it's easy (and dangerous) to start with business speak, templates and acronyms. Goals should be SMART, or even better SMARTER! We should take time to do a SWOT analysis and plan our path to our goal in a progressive and logical fashion.  All of this is useful of course, but I've never set out on a truly exciting journey clutching a SWOT analysis... I've always started with a conversation with friends, or a magazine article, or a book, or a TV program... I've started when the lightning has struck and I've wondered, "Could I do that?".  Yes logic and planning and structure and theory come in time but it's the start that matters, it's the start that sets the scene for the weeks and  months to come. I'm loving the experience of taking Real Endurance Coaching to the next level and my ideas and excitement are keeping me awake at night. It's identical to how I felt when I entered my first Ironman in 2001, when I signed up for my first 100 mile run or any one of the thousands of different goals, dreams and ideas that have pushed me forward. Some of those dreams came to fruition, others didn't, some I saw to the end whiles others weren't completed, but all those that I did see through to the end, all those where the process was something that fed and sustained me, all those started with an exciting feeling of possibility. Don't fall into the trap of thinking too much about your goals, start by thinking about your dreams. If you're looking for something to focus on in 2019 ask yourself, "Will it keep me up at night?" If you start from there, I can help you with the rest.



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